Boy Butter H2O 16 oz

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“Farm Fresh and Simply Fistacular”

Amazing! A breakthrough in the world of lubes. Finally a water-based lube that’s thick and condom compatible. Unique and simply the BEST lube for condom users.

Because it’s water-based, it’s really easy to wash-up and rinse away, a little warm water and it’s gone! No more soap or slippery towels by your bedside.

Boy Butter H2O: All the fun without the fat!

16oz: This is boy butter’s largest sized tub of lube...16oz (roughly 470 ml). Bear in mind, that if your using this product for fisting, you risk contaminating the remainder of the product when reaching in to grab more. We therefore advise you to remove the desired amount before use, or to discard any remaining lube once you’re done.

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Weste brustwarzenfrei mit einer versteckten Tasche in der Innenseiten
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Boy Butter 16 oz
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